Product Catalog

  • Model Number: CR50W

Folding Garment Rack that measures 60" x 60". Perfect for special events and garage sales

  • Manufacturer: Wehsco
  • Model Number: FC1000

This Full Size Metal Folding Crib is perfect for when you need a little extra sleeping space for visiting guests!

  • Manufacturer: Wehsco
  • Model Number: 396 SUPRA

Need an extra bed for visiting guests? Rent this 39" Roll-a-Way Bed to make their visit more comfortable!

  • Model Number: Picture King

A perfect screen for showing video presentations, photo slideshows, and more. Heavy-duty aluminum extruded legs with toe release mechanism offers wide stance for maximum stability. It also has a self-locking extension tube and high-low case adjustment, screen height adjustment to accommodate any ceiling height

  • Manufacturer: Anchor Audio
  • Model Number: MEGA-7500

Just grab it and go! With the MegaVox Pro you’re ready for any situation…it’s lightweight, loud and easy to carry. Thousands report it’s the most reliable PA system on the market. Emergency responders like its signal alert siren, wired microphone and convenient shoulder strap. Coaches, band directors and auctioneers appreciate the flexibility of the AC/DC operation and the range of the wireless microphones