Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Little Beaver
  • Model Number: KT-2400B

Little Beaver / Kwik-Trench Earth Saws are designed to cut narrow trenches for sprinklers, low voltage lighting, dog fence, and surface root pruning. Equipped with replaceable carbide teeth they can easily cut through the toughest soils and thin asphalt. The trench width is determined by the angle of the teeth and can be changed in minutes. Often refered to as slit trencher, mini trencher, or disc trencher

  • Model Number: MDL-5B

Little Beaver 5.5hp mechanical earth drills with their torque-free design can easily dig up to a 10" diameter hole for fences, decks, signs, or mail boxes. Also known as a post hole digger, earth drill or power auger. It can easily be loaded into a car trunk or SUV. Horizontal boring attachments are also available